Ana Segovia (Mexico City, 1991) Lives and works in Mexico City. 

Ana Segovia works from film stills, mostly from the Mexican cinema golden era. Their portrayal of masculinity, femininity and “machismo” are so extravagant it is impossible not to see them for what they are: fictions and performances wherein lie cultural notions of identity. Based on those archives and through their stereotyped figures - such as the cowboy - Segovia’s oeuvre reflects on the sociocultural conventions that arise around them. Her paintings show her interest in the performative aspect of the gender as well as the construction of masculinity in massive audiovisual medias. We can see pictorial tensions appearing in the gaze of the characters depicted; indeed, Ana Segovia tends to produce situations rather than images. Those characters are ridiculous and cartoonish. Such transparent caricatures, they seem to satirize themselves accidentally. This humor, very important for Segovia, is a way to question the painting historically dominated by men. She comments “I aim to make paintings like Mel Gibson acts”. In this exaggerate approach - as in “If I don’t laugh I’ll cry” humor -, her work challenges not only the canonic tradition in art history but the masculinity of the gaze, destabilizing the line of continuity and coherence between gender, sex, practice and desire. 

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